Colleen O'Shea Self Portrait

About Colleen O'Shea

I might be young, but I know art.

Having graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and now a graduate from Algonquin College with a Photography diploma, I can say with confidence that I am dedicated to art and design. I have always been able to see beauty in the world around me, but what might be even more incredible is seeing the beauty in the perseverance and effort other creators put into their work.

Professionally, I am a commercial photographer. But my goal is to do more than merely photograph a product - I want to capture the beauty that comes through from the hard work of the designer. Be it food, beauty products, tools, or even a building my goal will always be to create a photograph that truly captures the essence of the product. Nothing is mundane if someone put the effort in to create it.

Photography helps people to see.
— Berenice Abbott

Personal Instagram: oshea.colleen